• Art of Oneness

    Vision for Healthy and Happy Society

    The aim of this module is to create a Society where every person,
    irrespective of their Religion, Caste, Community and Status are considered “Divine Souls.”

  • Kriya Reiki

    Space, Energy and other Healing

    Kriya Reiki is a therapeutic program that
    enables an individual to invoke their dormant tendencies of healing self and others.

  • Psycho-Social-Spritual Wellbeing

    Creating a Physically, Emotesttionally
    & Mentally Healthy Society

    Individual and Family Counselling and Therapy Sessions.

  • Community Empowerment Camps

    A Programme to create a balanced and progressive society

    Small movements can bring huge shifts in society.
    This micro-level programme will address
    educational and social need of the community members

Our Journey

Since 2010

Holistic Training and Development Centre
is a Mumbai based NGO, which addresses the entire spectrum of individual personality along with the physical and psychological aspects to empower an individual to discover their true inner-self.

Our Mission

To create a Happy and Healthy Society. We endeavour to do so by empowering people mentally and spiritually, and enabling them to adopt a sound life style.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop an individual’s innate potential, strength and ability to live a happy and blissful life.


What We Do

Our Services

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we design a therapeutic program for a client, based on the clients problems and needs.

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Energy and Spiritual

We all have electro-magnetic energy field around us, which are influence by our thoughts, emotions, experiences, etc.

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Family Constellation

an experiential process that aims to release and resolve profound tensions within and between people.

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Life Skills Education

Designed with psychological tools to support and enhance Psychological, Emotional, Intellectual and Intrapersonal skills.

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Corporate Soft skills

Along with training we provide Psychological assistance to the employees and personal and group level.

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Yoga and Meditation

Yoga enables an individual to listen to their bodies, increase flexibility, release stress, handle challenges, and respond to life.

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HTDC addresses the entire spectrum of individual personality along with the physical or psychological aspect to help a person discover his true inner-self.

Our Expertise

Psychological Support

We provide a Psychological support for Clinical Mental Disorder; Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, Bi-polar, Schizophrenia, Paranoid etc and support them and their family to live a normal and healthy life.

Therapeutic support for Children and Youths

We address all the levels of, Social, Emotional, Academics, Personality and Psychological Clinical issues of children with ADHD, LD and guide and support them to utilise their potentials fully.

Couple and Parent Counselling

Healthy relationship adds zest and pleasure to life. We help Couple’s and family to re-discover that in their relationship and live an accomplishing and happy life.

Career Counselling Cell

We do Individual and group Career testing and counseling. We also organise career talk for schools and colleges

Holistic Healer Training Program

We Organise and conduct a Holistic Healer Certificate Program for Psychology and other Humanities students. We have our own selection round for such program. Selected students can opt for 1 year professional training course and enable to heal self and other.

Free Yoga and Meditation Classes

We run weekly free Yoga and Meditation classes. Any Body interested can register online and avail benefit of these programs.


Successful Stories

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Project Manager, Mumbai

"I have attended many training programs conducted by Namrata. It has always been a very enriching and helpful experience for me. It also helped to identify and clear out any obstacles in my growth path. She is a great mentor and motivator."

Swapnil Shivasharan

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Photographer, Mumbai

Namrata has been like a blessing in my life for the past few years. I met her to do my level 1 hypnotherapy and since then have done many more courses with her. She is an amazing teacher who taught me how to look at life with completely new eyes. As a healer, she has been able to help me change on many different levels and has helped me become a much better human being. She is a source of inspiration for me and someone that I really look up to. I am really lucky to have met her! Thanks for everything Namrata !!

Sayi Samant

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Actress, Mumbai

I went to Namrata for past life healing and met her at a time 'angel cards' workshop was about to happen. This started my journey with her 3 years back. Having done various courses from NLP, Hypnotherapy, manifestation, angels, to kriya reiki. .... To name a few, she has come to mean to be, not just a healer, but a confidant, a guide and an angel herself.

Aaradhna Uppal

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Asst. Creative Director, Mumbai

“Learnt a lot about self.Very insightful.Law of attraction absolutely shook me, made me look inside before blaming the world. Self-hypnosis brought out the sadness and feelings which I was not even aware of.It has definitely added value to not only my knowledge but also personal growth.”

Pragnya Tripathi


Successful Stories