Mental Health Affirmations


Project Nityanand - Mental Health

Human being are said to be a social animal, with biologically structured mind and heart. Mind or brain gives us ability to think logically or illogically about situations, events, people and environment around us. This if not managed properly can lead to many Psychotic disorders like, schizophrenia and paranoid issues. Similarly heart which purifies blood and other hormonal gland which control effective management of our emotions if not balanced can lead to neurotic disorders like depression, anxiety, addictions etc. With this project we are trying to educate and bring awareness in society about Mental health. He are also promoting early diagnosis and counseling and medication for the same. We are planning to open counselling cell for under privileged community and society.


  • To Create a Mentally sound society by Promoting awareness on mental health well-being
  • To educate people belonging to all strata of life about positive living and socially healthy lifestyle
  • To use positive psychology to change society's attitude towards Mental health issues and psychological disorders
  • To empower people to handle their mental health in the times of adversities with a few self help strategies.
  • Opening diagnosis and counselling cells for students, society and community.


Support group for people suffering from depression, anxiety, loss, chronic physical issues- As a part of the Nityanand project, we are starting free support group for individual, family, group going through any above mentioned issues. The purpose of this group is to empower target group in identifying, addressing and handling their psychological, physical and emotional issues related to the concerns effectively and learn the art of positive living. The 2hrs session will involve sharing, discussion and activities to wider participants perspective toward their problems and reaffirm their existence with joy.

Day- 1st and 3rd and 5th Saturday of every month. Time- 3pm to 5pm Registration- To participate participants or their families can contact on 9892747532 and share their purpose of joining this group . Who can join- Individuals going through the above mentioned concerns and their care taker.