Kriya Reiki ®

Kriya Reiki ® is a therapeutic program that enables an individual to invoke their dormant tendencies of healing self and others. This program is aimed at attuning the participants to the Cosmic Healing energy of Himalayan Master’s Kriya process and Meditation Practices. This program will enable them to become direct channels/mediums of cosmic energy and in addition they will able to draw healing for self and others. It is a self mastery program as it lays the Foundation of Mental and Spiritual growth and connects the individual to their highest goal of life. It is an art of living a healthy and virtuous life.


Regular practice of Kriya Reiki can free one from the karmic baggage and emotional cellular memories of many life times. It also helps in building physical and mental strength and increases the power of manifesting with the universal alignment.



Attunement to Kriya Reiki and self and others healing technique.


Higher level healing through mantras


Space, Energy and other Healing