The aim of this module is to create a Society where every person, irrespective of their Religion, Caste, Community and Status are considered “Divine Souls.” It is structured to bring people from a wide spectrum of society together to practice ‘The Art of One Consciousness.’ This component projects a Holistic perspective towards life, where an individual’s spiritual experiences are not limited to them, but becomes a channel to heal and transform everything around.

  • Counseling


  • Psychometric test

  • Mind Improvement

  • Aura Analysis

  • Metaphor Therapy

  • Emotional Release Therapy

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy

  • Therapies


Individual Counseling | Relationship Counseling | Career Counseling | Understanding hypnosis | Group Counseling


REBT | Behavioral modification | Play Therapy for Children

Psychometric test

I.Q Test and memory Test | Projective test (CAT for children and TAT For adults) | Objective Test (MMPL, 16PF) | Bender Gesalt Test

Mind Power Improvement Techniques

Success in Exams and Interviews | Exam Anxiety | Memory enhancement

Aura Analysis Report

Aura Photography | Analysis of Internal and External Auric Space | Counseling and Recommendations

Metaphor Therapy

Through drawing know your strength and weakness | Through drawing know your future

Emotional Release Therapy

Releasing Emotional Issues | Self - Empowerment | Sedona Method

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Past Life Regression | Spiritual Regression | Phobia's and Fear Management | Modifying beliefs and resolution of issues | Foreign Energy Management | De-addiction / Habit Management | Aura Cleaning and Energy Balancing

Metaphor Therapy

Through drawing know your strength and weakness | Through drawing know your future


Past Life Regression | Inner Child therapy | Age regression | Life between Lives therapy | Spirtual Regression therapies | Chakra Healing | Aura Analysis and Healing | Foreign Energy Management | Allergy Management | REBT and Cognitive therapies | Behavioral Modification therapies | Play therapies for Children | Marital therapy and Relationship Counseling | Parent - Child Relationship Counseling | Depression/Anxiety related therapy | Exam Anxiety and Performance Anxiety | Medical Problem- Diabetes, Cancer, Psoriasis etc. | De-addiction/Habit Management | Psychiatric disorders diagnosis and therapy