Namrata has been like a blessing in my life for the past few years. I met her to do my level 1 hypnotherapy and since then have done many more courses with her. She is an amazing teacher who taught me how to look at life with completely new eyes. As a healer, she has been able to help me change on many different levels and has helped me become a much better human being. She is a source of inspiration for me and someone that I really look up to. I am really lucky to have met her! Thanks for everything Namrata !!

Sayi Samant

Photographer, Mumbai

I went to Namrata for past life healing and met her at a time 'angel cards' workshop was about to happen. This started my journey with her 3 years back. Having done various courses from NLP, Hypnotherapy, manifestation, angels, to kriya reiki. .... To name a few, she has come to mean to be, not just a healer, but a confidant, a guide and an angel herself.




Aaradhna Uppal

Actress, Mumbai

“Learnt a lot about self.Very insightful.Law of attraction absolutely shook me, made me look inside before blaming the world. Self-hypnosis brought out the sadness and feelings which I was not even aware of.It has definitely added value to not only my knowledge but also personal growth.”





Pragnya Tripathi

Asst. Creative Director, Mumbai

“Have realized that control and aligned thoughts will help oneself to accept you the way you are.”
‘So the thought, so the mind,So the mind, so the man.’


Jalpa Bhatt

Psychologist and Special Educator, Mumbai

“I have learnt a lot in this course although used to practice to bring it in the normal life or working with others. It has definitely gave me insight into the mind, hypnotherapy and excitement of working with it.”

Amit Namdev

Yoga Teacher, Himachal Pradesh

“The Hypnosis course has helped me in a lot of ways specifically self-growth, knowing actually what I am, what I want from myself and others and of course the theory of mind. Its helpful in learning to know how a human mind works and perceives everything.”

Maithili Redkar

Clinical Psychologist, Mumbai