The aim of this module is to create a Society where every person, irrespective of their Religion, Caste, Community and Status are considered “Divine Souls.” It is structured to bring people from a wide spectrum of society together to practice ‘The Art of One Consciousness.’ This component projects a Holistic perspective towards life, where an individual’s spiritual experiences are not limited to them, but becomes a channel to heal and transform everything around.


Free Meditation - Foundation course in Meditation

Workshop Schedule

9th Dec 2017 - Time- 04.00pm to 6pm - Location : Andheri

For Registration : call - whatsapp - sms on 9594992768

Family Constellation

Family Constellation is an experiential process that aims to release and resolve profound tensions within and between people. A unique introspective and experiential workshop based on the work of the internationally renowned psychotherapist Bert Hellinger.....ideal for those who are looking for answers to questions, who want to understand the ‘why’ and ‘what for’ in their life.

A constellation creates a picture of the family energy field which allows us to face our familiar roots more fully. When we realize that we are deeply connected to our family soul, and that neither time nor distance can alter that, we are capable of exploring the complexities of our family's past. Openly looking at our family of origin provides us with the opportunity to see the good and the bad, uncover secrets and truths, and investigate the lost and unexplained.

When we look with open eyes, mind, and heart - void of moral judgment - we are capable of letting go of that which does not serve our personal growth. Most importantly, one learns to gain strength from a more meaningful conscious connection to their family soul. This strength feeds our soul's development as we re-channel the psychic energy used to distance ourselves from the realities of our family of origin into more productive efforts.

Workshop Schedule

10th Dec 2017 - Time- 10.00am to 4pm - Location : Andheri

For Registration : call - whatsapp - sms on 9594992768

Kriya Reiki level 1

Kriya Reiki is a therapeutic program to invoke one’s dormant tendencies of healing self and others. This program aims at attuning Sadhaka’s to the cosmic healing energy Himalayan Kriyas and meditation practices. After this level Sadhaka’s will become direct channel/medium of cosmic energy and will able to draw healing for self and others

It is a self mastery program as it lays the foundation of Mental and Spiritual growth and connects Sadhaka’s to their highest goal of life. It is an art of living a healthy and virtues life. Regular practice of Kriya Reiki can free one from the karmic baggage and emotional cellular memories of many life times. It also helps in building physical and mental strength and power of manifesting with the universal alignment.

Workshop Schedule

16th Dec 2017 - Time- 10.00am to 4pm - Location : Andheri

For Registration : call - whatsapp - sms on 9594992768

Certified Chakra Healer course

The Chakras are cone-shaped vortices within the body, located within our energy system, which collect energy from the world around us and direct that energy in and around our physical body and all of our subtle bodies

This Chakra Balancing workshop helps us to interact with our 7 main Chakras which are often referred to simply as 'The Chakras'. During the course of this one day workshop you will learn how to recognize imbalance in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

In the course of the day you will participate with breathing exercises, guided meditations and visualisation to help you establish a healthy vibration in each of the Chakras. Regular practice of these skills after the workshop will help you to maintain a cleared, balanced and energised Chakra system leading to an enduring experience of health, happiness and well-being.

Workshop Schedule

17th Dec 2017 - Time- 10.00am to 4pm - Location : Andheri

For Registration : call - whatsapp - sms on 9594992768

HTDC Holistic Healing Fair

Get your Aura Scanned through Aura Scanning software, Chakra's scanning and guidance...

About Aura and Chakras

Aura is the energy field all around the body. It’s within us, radiating outwards. At the intuitive level, we are aware of each other’s aura. There are people in whose Auric energy we feel very comfortable, there are people in whose Auric energy we sometimes get repelled. We are constantly aware about each other’s energy flow…. But at the conscious level we do not understand.

Aura photography provide a neutral mirror to your subconscious mind &highlights the flaws & provide deep insights into your negative as well as positive life patterns.


The word Chakra in Sanskrit translates to wheel or disc.

At the inner core of each one of us spin seven wheel-like energy centers called Chakras. Chakras are energy vortices along meridians or energy lines of the human body. Together the seven chakra form a profound formula for wholeness hat integrates mind, body, and spirit.

They are centers of activity that receives, assimilates and expresses life force energy. They are responsible for the person's physical, mental, and spiritual functions.
Walk-in Between 11am to 5pm to avail the service.
Come with your friends, family members and relatives and get most from this fair.
Energy Charges- Rs. 500/per service

Workshop Schedule

30th Dec 2017 - Time- 11.00am to 5pm - Location : Andheri

For Registration : call - whatsapp - sms on 9594992768

Healing through Past life Regresion

Discover your innate potentials, purpose and lessons through past life regression and foresee your future to plan your present...

Program is based on the “archetypic” themes: Birth, Death and Rebirth. These Common life Themes are often associated with the experience of the spirituality. The awareness of being part of something larger than ourselves typically occurs at times of birth and death, and produce experience of rebirth.

This workshop will help participants to wider their focus and experience beyond Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Social Reality. It’s an experiential workshop to raise and transform the perception toward Life and its Purpose.

Workshop content

What is past life and how it works

Benefits of past life regression

Couple of group regression session with discussions

Workshop Schedule

31st Dec 2017 - Time- 11.00am to 5pm - Location : Andheri

For Registration : call - whatsapp - sms on 9594992768