About us

About HTDC

Holistic Training and Development Centre is a Mumbai based 80G Certify NGO, which addresses the entire spectrum of individual personality along with the physical and psychological aspects to empower an individual to discover their true inner-self. Our focus is to liberate individuals who are trapped in life by people and circumstances and enabling them to realise their innate potentials.

HTDC aims to empower individuals to get in touch with their core personalities and further teach them skills which would help them live a happy and blissful life.


Our Team

Sanjay Raturi
He is a Co-founder and Director of HTDC. He heads budgeting and Funding department.

Namrata Kandoi
Co-founder and Director of HTDC. She handles the counseling and Training Department.

She is a Clinical Psychologist and Hypnotherapist. She is the founder of Kriya Reiki programme in India. She has extensive experience in the field of training, having conducted over 900 Personality and Spiritual Healing and Development Workshops all around India in various Schools, Colleges, Corporate and NGOs. She is an experienced trainer for Clinical Hypnosis. She is also a certified Family and Systemic Constellation Facilitator. In addition, she specialises in Advance NLP Practice and Angel therapy. Apart from the above, Namrata also conducts a variety of healing and supporting therapies / workshops which have been highlighted in this pamphlet.

Prabodhan Makwana
He is a CA of the company and heads finance and legal department.

Prashanth P
He is heading the Program Development department.

Abhilash Asadi
He is Heading the marketing Team and Advisory Board.

Ekta Warik
She is a leading Advisory Board.


Our vision is to develop an individual’s innate potential, strength and ability to live a happy and blissful life.



HTDC mission is to create a Happy and Healthy Society. We endeavour to do so by empowering people mentally and spiritually, and enabling them to adopt a sound life style to support themselves and their surroundings. In addition we strive to educate the masses on the oneness philosophy to create an attitude of co-operation and togetherness in society through:

1. Social empowerment through psycho-spiritual modalities with oneness theme.

2. Individual empowerment through self awareness and grooming programs.



There was a blind man, who was very happy with his blindness. He used to sing that blindness is a blessing, having vision is a curse..., everyone use to ignore him and started calling him Mad.

Once a teenage boy goes to him and asked, “Why you feel blind people are blessed and we all are cursed? I can see you, see the beauty around me, be watchful and can do so many things that blind people can’t do. I feel you are jealous of us and therefore you say we are cursed. The blind man smiled and said, “My boy your green T-shirt is looking good in you.”

Hearing this boy got shocked. He asks the blind man, “How can you tell the colour of my T-shirt although you are blind.”

The blind Man replied, “Son I am not physically Blind. And I didn’t mean that people with eyes are cursed. I only meant people who can’t see the divine light in every other being are blind. And that blindness is cursed.”

The blindman continued, “We are so used to seeing the negative aspects of others, society and the world that we forget to appreciate all the beauty around us. We suffer all our life because of our perception and make others life difficult too. And therefore I called it a curse. We need to be blind to others shortcomings and mistakes, and focus on their goodness.”

Remember we all are Reflection of light above. We all are Divine...

Our foundation is based on this divine principle of oneness and vision to share it with every being.


Why US

Our programs are not limited to any community, caste or creed. We believe in empowering people to be their own guide by connecting them to their core qualities.

All our projects aim at making this society Healthy and Happy by following simple life philosophy of oneness.

We focus upon individual Mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual wellbeing. Ours is a holistic approach toward social and spiritual issues that exist in society.